Professional Illustrator & Designer

About Me

Hi, I’m Stephen Bailey, a professional illustrator & designer based in Jacksonville, Florida

Stephen’s passion is to excel in everything he does. This inward drive makes him and his work invaluable to his clients. His art and illustrations style would be best described as playful realism, energetic, happy, colorful, airbrushed, slick, professional, high attention to detail, character form and motion, and eye catching. Stephen specializes in traditional looking digital airbrushed character design, and he still feels very strongly about creating pencils and the initial concept drawings for each and every project. Once pencils are approved, Stephen scans them in and brings them to life using a Wacom® tablet, digital airbrush and pen tools. Most illustrations are created with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Although born in Connecticut, Stephen claims Florida as his home. Experiencing the varied lifestyle of Southern California, in the bustling Los Angeles and the charming San Luis Obispo in contrast to the College town of Columbus, Ohio where he attended the Columbus College of Art & Design, he still sought the perfect locale. It was while in Columbus, he achieved a Bachelor of Science major in Illustration and a minor in Advertising Design. Traveling to the natural life of Charlotte, North Carolina and Buffalo, New York, still seeking the flawless location, he occasionally stepped into Canada for the true outdoor involvement. Then, returning and settling in Florida, he found his true love of home. Stephen enjoys his idea of a “backyard, saltwater playground” with fishing and boating freely as opportunity permits. Daily, he maintains a healthy routine of workouts at a local gym to maintain the positive and confident mindset required after long, dedicated hours in his design studio.

Stephen’s interest in art began as a child. He followed his dream of illustrating fun-loving whimsical characters. He was influenced and he greatly admired Norman Rockwell, Walt Disney and many of the Warner Brother characters found in cartoon portrayal. View the HOME images closely and you will recognize Kellogg’s, Disney, Dannon, Safeway, and Wal-Mart to name a few of his well-known clientele.