Professional Illustrator & Designer

About Me

Hi, I’m Stephen Bailey, a professional illustrator & designer based in Palm Harbor, Florida

Stephen’s passion to excel in everything he does, makes himself and his work invaluable to his clients. His art and illustrations style would be best described as playful realism, energetic, happy, colorful, airbrushed, slick, professional, high attention to detail, character form and motion, and eye catching. Stephen specializes in traditional looking digital airbrushed character design, and he still feels very strongly about creating pencils and the initial concept drawings for each and every project. Once pencils are approved, Stephen scans them in and brings them to life using a Wacom® tablet, digital airbrush and pen tools. Most illustrations are created with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Away from the studio, Stephen loves his Florida home and his salt water playground he lovingly refers to as his backyard. Fishing and being on the water is his passion. Enjoying the simple pleasures in life,…work to live, not live to work. Stephen not only keeps his illustration skills, and fishing skills in top form, but also enjoys his regular training at the local gym, and maintaining a positive, healthy, and Christian lifestyle, which certainly comes into good use for the demanding and sometimes very long hours at his studio desk.